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Tenant Amenities
City Bistro
Located in the lobby and offering a wide variety of coffee, breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages. Open Monday through Friday 7am-4pm.
Fitness Center
If you're thinking of joining the 3300 N. Central Ave. Fitness Center, call 602-279-4948 or stop by the Management Office, Suite 1100, between 1:00pm and 4:00pm, Monday through Thursday. Contracts can be found on the “Rules, Regulations & Forms” tab of the website and outside of the Building Management office.
Commonly asked Questions:
What are the dues/fees?
Memberships are currently $45.00 per quarter payable in advance on the 1st day of the first month of each quarter. Quarters are considered: January through March, April through June, July thought September, October through December. Dues will be prorated based on membership start date.
How do I pay?
Check or Money Order should be made payable to WellFit Management. Please mail to or drop-off at 3300 N. Central Ave, Suite 1100, Phoenix, AZ 85012. * We are only able to accept payment by Check or Money Order.
What are the hours?
Hours of Operation: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Working out during non-operation hours can result in losing membership.
What are the amenities?
Showers, lockers, and class are currently included in the membership dues.
Cleanology Dry Cleaning
Cleanology Dry Cleaning picks up and drops off dry cleaning in the Management Office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Prices start at just $1.50! Please stop by the management office for more information.
Lightning Mobile Car Wash
Get your vehicle hand washed and detailed while you work! For reservations, email tlmobilecarwash@gmail.com. Prices start at $16.99.
Umbrella Program
Borrow an umbrella during a rainy day. Check one out at the security desk in the lobby.
Alternative Fuel/Hybrid Vehicle Reserved Parking
Email us your vehicle and contact information to be entered in our monthly drawing to win use of the Alternative Fuel/Hybrid Reserved Space for a whole month! We will pick a new winner each month.
E-Waste Recycling
CBRE is proud to offer year-round E-Waste Recycling at 3300 N Central. Bring all donations to the management office on the 11th floor. The following items will be accepted:
• Modems
• Monitors
• Projectors
• Radios/Stereos
• Scanners
• Servers
• Video Game Equipment
• Calculators
• Cameras
• Cell Phones
• Computers (PCs, Laptops, Servers, Tablets)
• Connectors/Cables/Power Strips
• Copy-Fax Machines/Printers
• CD/DVD Players/VCRs
• Keyboards/Mice
If you would like to contribute your offices coffee grounds, please let us know and we will drop you off a collection receptacle with lid. Every little bit helps to keep waste out of our landfills. Contact the management office for more information.
We have received inquiries regarding car pooling for 3300 N. Central tenants. After some research, for those of you interested in carpooling, www.carpoolworld.com is a great, easy to use resource. With the increasing gas prices and environmental awareness, carpooling is a good alternative!
ATM located in the lobby across from the City Bistro entrance.

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